Making a .CSV file- using notepad

What is a CSV file and what is its purpose?

CSV stands for Comma-Separated-Value. It is used to store tabular data in plain text. As the name suggests each value is separated by a comma. This format is widely used to move data from one program to another.

Example please!

Let us consider the following Employee table.

ID Name Salary
1011 John 20000
1012 Smith 30000

This data can be stored in a file with .csv extension using simple notepad.

Steps to represent above employee table data in a .csv file using notepad:

  1. Open Notepad application.
  2. Type the following:




  1. Save it as a .csv file. (say demo.csv)
  2. Open this file with MS Excel to see the data in tabular form.


  1. First line should be the names of columns
  2. Table values should then follow.
  3. Each one of these have to be separated by comma.

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