Planning- how it should be?

Many of us plan for future. Some of us succeed in keeping up with them; others fail to do so. But this post is not about the implementation part of planning. It is about the planning itself. The following ideas I believe, will not only help you to plan but to do it well.

  1. Always start a plan with a positive note. Dont think of Plan-B now.
  2. Always end your plan with a positive note. No if conditions please!
  3. Plan is only to win and not to lose, hence if multiple plans are to be made, each of them should be to win.
  4. One plan should not depend on success or failure of the other.
  5. Planning is a must to do thing since not many times life surprises/ shocks you.
  6. Planning should be action specific and not a conceptual one. I mean it should have more of “do this…and this” and less of ” it is….it is not”.
  7. Planning should not be used to relearn yourself; it should just make you better off. You know where you are now, thats not the point. You need a plan to go to some place  better than this.
  8. Re-learning process should be completed before planning and these processes should be used in any plan that you make.
  9. Do not discuss about possible pitfalls during process execution of the plan. Most people fail during planning stage itself because they think too much about the possible implications of their road blocks.
  10. If drawbacks are discussed in the plan it becomes unnecessarily lengthy and complex. We might even start planning for these pitfalls and forget about our actual goal altogether! So Dont.
  11. While executing the plan the focus should be only on the action items. Drawbacks should be ignored. Yep, it is very much possible that what we plan to do is not the perfect way to do it. But well get started, for now.
  12. If any drawback causes drastic effect on the plan even then it should be ignored. The focus and all energies should be redirected only on action items listed in the plan. Thats difficult, I know. But many people who have done something with their lives have done it.
  13. A plan should have a time frame and work items/ action items quality should show gradual improvement. Focus should be only on quality not on quantity.

Think about the above points…. well what do you feel about them?
Please share your thoughts with me!


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